The Pool Resurfacing Phoenix Services Locals Can Count On For A Job Well Done!

We offer multiple deck materials, such as travertine marble, flagstone, tremeron, old castle pavers, and many more. You can opt for simple or custom patterns depending on your pool’s existing design.

Yes, we offer pool repair Phoenix services that are related to broken pool lights. If there’s any additional electrical work, you’ll have to get in touch with a licensed electrician.

Algae is a kind of plant life that appears pink, yellow, black, or green in your pool. It might be clinging to the pool floor or floating freely in the water. Sometimes, if your pool has a leak, algae might cover it up, hiding the leak. 

However, when you empty the pool, the algae dry up, exposing the crack or leak. Therefore, algae end up increasing the cost of repair. Plus, it’s a health hazard, so you must rid your pool of it immediately.

While we’re working on your property, we will keep our trucks parked close to the pool without affecting your lawn. We remove the daily trash as required and also do a thorough clean-up at the end. 

As for your possessions close to the pool, you might want to remove or cover them up during the repair process.

Normally, pool resurfacing takes about a week. However, if the weather poses any hindrance, we might take a few more days to finish up. If you choose tile replacement, that will take an additional three to four days.

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